March 11, 2015

Learning Colours with Books

There are lots of great books about colours. Here are just a couple that we really enjoyed:

Lemons are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

This must have been my son's favourite book! We borrowed it from the library and had to renew it a couple times. The cutouts first show an item in a wrong colour and then with the turn of a page show it in it's true colour. He loved the joke that lemons could be red or flamingos grey. For weeks afterward, he was repeating the lines in the book and laughing maniacally at the joke he had just told. It was wonderful to see him interacting so well with a book.

Freight Train by Donald Crews

This is a book we've had on our shelf for a few years and our kids love it. Probably because they love trains. It names each car on the train and tells what colour it is and then takes the colourful train through different scenes until the train is "going... going... gone."

Here's some sites with book lists for learning colours:

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