March 12, 2015

Gone Fishin' Game

If you are ever looking for a game a 3 year old and 2 year old can play (and play together!), this is a good one. When you switch it on, the fish turn around and around bobbing up and down. When they come up, they open their mouths so you have to get the fish hook in their mouth before they bob down again and close it.

My kids love it. My 3 year old took it to bed with him for a few nights. It's a pretty straight forward game with no complicated rules to follow. Just let them fish. They must have spent hours trying to get the hooks in the fish's mouths before they closed them. 

On the downside, it's a pretty cheap game. We bought it at Walmart and the hook already broke off one of the fishing rods. My 2 year old also took to removing the eyes off a couple of fish, which is maybe not such a huge deal; it doesn't hurt the function of the game.

Overall, my kids have really enjoyed it so I think it was worth it. We'll probably try to fix or make a substitute hook for our broken rod.

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