March 14, 2015

How to Make Stovetop Coffee in a Moka Express Bialetti

My husband and I really enjoy our coffee and at home we make it the way we like it, in a Bialetti. This was learned from my husband's Italian grandparents and we make it the same way they did. (Even in the same pot which they passed on to us!)

New Bialetti pots and replacement parts are available at Bialetti is actually the brand and the coffee pot we use is the Moka Express.

I'm just making a cup for myself so I'm using the 3 cup size pot. 

Once all the little pieces are together, basically, you have 3 parts, the heating vessel at the bottom with the funnel placed inside and the coffee collector screwed on top.

First put water in the heating vessel up to just below the middle of the valve. Bigger sizes have a line to fill the water up to.

Then put the funnel inside.

Then put in one heaping teaspoon of coffee grounds. When I use my 6 cup pot to make coffee for myself and my husband, I put in two heaping teaspoons.

Screw the coffee collector on top and place it on high on the stove. Make sure the handle is pointed away from the heating element to keep it from getting overly hot. 

As the water boils, it gets pushed up the funnel, through the coffee grounds, and up the column into the coffee collector.

As the water runs out and the coffee finishes, the coffee will begin to spew out of the column so make sure the lid is closed. This spewing of remaining coffee makes a gurgling noise indicating the coffee is done. Turn off the stove and remove the pot from the heating element so it doesn't burn.

Pour the coffee into your mug. Some may be disappointed to know that this 3 cup coffee pot only makes enough coffee to fill the mug halfway. But that is the perfect amount for me.

I like mine with some milk.

Mmmm! I love coffee!

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  1. You've got that one pegged. I've got two sizes of this, a small one like pictured here and then a larger size if company shows up. The only other way I prefer coffee is to boil it and then strain it. But this is less messy. hahaha