March 10, 2015

4 Ideas for Homemade "Carpet" Roads

My boys love to play with their cars and over time we've made a few different kinds of roads for our kids to play with their cars on. 

At first, I left this road on the roll and then rolled it out whenever they wanted to play with it. Then I tore the road off the roll and taped down the edges to the floor with painter's tape to keep it on the floor and from getting ripped.

Cardboard Box Road

This one is really great because you can fold it up and put it away behind a couch or something. Like the Parchment Paper Road, there's lots of versatility for scenery. I've made one with parking spots for their long tanker trucks and a runway for their airplanes.

Painter's Tape Road

My husband thinks up these ideas for the kids and the possibilities start to seem endless. The kids must have had this one on the floor for a couple months. Parts of it had been peeled up by my 2 year old, but most of it remained until we removed it to replace it with the latest... (We use painter's tape for a lot of things because it peels up so nicely.)

Electrical Tape Road

Four dollars at the hardware store can take you a long way. This particular road continues down the hall with another community in the bedroom! The tape is wide enough for one lane. Double it for a two lane road. Cut the tape in half and you can make stripes for the centre line or for parking spaces. Just don't cut your finger!

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