March 8, 2015

Baby #4: 20 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 20 weeks along today and halfway through the pregnancy!

Everything is going smoothly. I feel baby moving daily now which is really fun. Otherwise, I feel pretty good most days, sometimes a bit tired. Our house is fighting a cold which all three of the boys have as well as myself so that's not so fun.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for a couple weeks from now. The midwife seems pretty happy with the way everything is going. If we can get another midwife up here at the time, we might try for a home birth. (I had a home birth with my 2nd and would be happy to have another except for the lack of midwives here.) The hospital accommodations are 2 to a room after delivery. I was lucky to be allowed to go home the same day I delivered last time; normally they keep you 48 hours. I'd much rather just stay home!

I'm excited for the weather possibly starting to warm up. We're forecasted to have highs in the negative single digits all week.

My clock said 5:14 am when I got up this morning, but with the time changing today that's 6:14 am. (I get up and have coffee with my husband before he goes to work.) The kids (besides my 9 month old) slept longer than normal even without the hour difference so it was nice to have some time to myself to clean up and make breakfast.

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