March 13, 2015

Learning Colours with the Lollipop Game

I made these lollipops out of construction paper and blunted skewer sticks. The kids loved them!

Sometimes my children are just excited about holding them so I'd just talk to them about what colour they have. But you can do a variety of different things with these. Here's some ideas:
  • Give the child the colour lollipop he's learning and have him find toys of that colour. He can take the lollipop with him to remember what colour he's looking for.
  • Lay the colours learned out on the floor and instruct the child to pick up or put down a certain colour.
  • Give them to the child and instruct him to give certain colour lollipops to other people in the room.
My boys were always begging me to pull them out to play with.

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