March 16, 2015

Cinnamon Can Cause Diaper Rash

My 9 month old started getting really bad diaper rashes to the point of bleeding. I used zinc creams and coconut oil, but it wouldn't go away. I thought it was just a result of starting to eat more solids and that he was perhaps eating too much acidic food like tomatoes or berries. But after breakfast one morning I noticed that my older two sons as well as my baby all had redness around their mouths where their oatmeal had come into contact with their skin. It was the cinnamon I put in their oatmeal. 

I stopped putting cinnamon in our breakfast and my baby's diaper rashes healed and went away.

After looking it up online, it seems like it's pretty common for babies to have reactions like that from cinnamon. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before. I'm just glad I know what caused it now and can hopefully avoid a rash like that with our next baby. 

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  1. Wow! To think that cinnamon can cause diaper rash! Maybe babies are not fit to take in cinnamon?

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