March 17, 2015

Learning Colours with Frosting

This activity works great as a review after learning all six of these colours. This one is really fun because you learn that the primary colours mix together to make the complementary colours (but maybe not in so many words).

First, make the frosting. The recipe I used was called Fluffy Boiled Frosting. There is a similar one on the Food Network.
Then I separated the frosting into thirds and added red, yellow or blue food colouring to each one.

In three other bowls I put a glob of two of the icings: yellow and red, blue and red, blue and yellow.

Then I helped my children mix them together while talking to them about the colours.

And of course, their favourite part was actually eating the icing. We ate it on crackers and I got them to request the colours that they wanted on their crackers.

That was really fun and yummy!

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