November 12, 2012

Replacing Hook and Loop Velcro Tabs on Flip Diapers

I finished up the diapers and they work so well now again. I'm so glad I took the time to do it. And it only cost me less than $6 for the velcro.

Here, I've taken off the velcro tabs.

I cut 1" wide hook and loop velcro each to 1.5". I put them back to back, making sure the hook was on the inside of the diaper and pinned it in place. This is tricky to get it to pin right since the hook is pretty thick. 
Then I sewed it in place. Notice the curved outside. I did that because that was the way the original was and it makes sense since those sharp corners could poke the baby. 
 I had a little trouble with the sewing so I went around it twice just to make sure it would hold. I sewed with the hook side up so it didn't get caught in the feed dogs. 
 And here I just cut around the corners where I sewed to eliminate the sharp corners. 
I am very satisfied with the finished diapers. They work so well. 


  1. I am thinking about doing this to my diapers. How have they help up for you? What Velcro did you use? Did you have to replace your front long Velcro?

  2. I replaced the velcro after about a year. It's been two years since I replaced it and they're still working well. Honestly, I think the new velcro was better quality than the velcro that came on it. It's lasted much longer. I bought my velcro at Fabricland. I don't know that they were any particular brand. They sell it off a roll so I had to ask for a specific length. I got 1" wide for the tabs and 2" wide for the front. They did have self adhesive velcro tape, but I thought it would just come off so I didn't get it. I got the kind you have to sew on. You can find my post about Replacing Front Hook and Loop Velcro if you click on the Crafts tab at the top of the page.

    That being said... I've since purchased more covers and this time got the kind with snaps. I've changed my mind about the snaps and by far prefer them. My kids can't take them off so easily and they don't come undone by getting stuck to the carpet if they're crawling around. They also don't get stuck to each other in the wash. I would consider putting snaps on them next time the velcro gets worn out... if they last that long! (I've already been using them 3 years on 3 kids!)

    Hope this helps!