April 12, 2013

(Fudged) Seeded Popovers

I can be the worst when it comes to fudging a little on following recipes. I change the ingredients and skip steps and wherever I think it might be okay, I just make little changes to suit me at the time. So when I tried these Seeded Popovers that I found here, my fudging got me some funky results.

Since the recipe says eggs should be room temperature with an exclamation after it, I probably should have tried harder to make them room temperature. But time was lacking and I had already prepared everything else so when I read that, I thought, "Really?" and began whisking my eggs fresh out of the refrigerator.

I don't know what the chef used to grease the pans or how long the pans were preheated, but my greased pans smoked up the room and set off the fire alarm.

The first batch I baked, were not poofy at all. It still looks nice and tastes good, but not the fluffy popover I had imagined.

So I pretty much expected them all to have flopped, but I was surprised when the next batch was just a little more poofy.

And by the third batch I realized, the eggs were probably getting to be more room temperature. So maybe that was why they were getting poofier.

Mine still didn't poof to the degree the recipe indicated because I could bake them in every muffin tin instead of every other without them touching each other. But they were still very good. I love how they crisped up on the outside and have a nice golden colour. 

I thought it was interesting most of them had this empty hole in the middle of them. These would probably be great as yorkshire pudding served with gravy if you like that sort of thing.

In the end, they turned out fine. But I may or may not make it again.

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