April 6, 2013

Nonna's Lemon Garlic Salmon

This salmon is delicious! My husband's grandmother is a wonderful cook. I've enjoyed many, many meals at her house. But she never follows a recipe so it's hard to get an exact recipe when asking her for directions. So I watched her make this salmon one time and tried my best to follow her steps. I'm sure Nonna can still make it much better than I can, but this is still excellent.

Nonna's Lemon Garlic Salmon
3-4 pieces of salmon
ground pepper
1/2 lemon
2 large cloves garlic, minced
olive oil

(To thaw the fish, Nonna rinses it in a colander. I thawed mine in the fridge, but I probably should have rinsed them off before prepping them. I think that is why mine has the white cooked salmon juice residue on it.) Place the pieces of salmon next to each other on a plate. Sprinkle on some ground pepper. Squeeze half a lemon over them. Sprinkle parsley, cilantro, the minced garlic and salt on top.

In a skillet on the stove, heat up a little oil. (Nonna says, "just a little," but she puts in a lot) Turn it to low just before putting the salmon in. Cover with a lid if the oil is splashing. (I poured the lemon juice that was left in the plate on top of the salmon so that it was pretty much being boiled in lemon juice and oil.) Cook probably 10 minutes. Turn it over and cook the other side until the salmon is cooked through.

I served it with Crisp Garlic Potatoes and a red leaf lettuce and mushroom salad with Homemade "Ranch" Dressing.

This is definitely something I will make again! Delicious!

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