April 9, 2013

Growing Sprouts: First Attempt

I'm so excited to share with you my first attempt at growing sprouts! I can't believe how easy it is! 

My friend let me borrow her sprouter and supplied me with a few seeds to start. This is her sprouter. She brought enough to do one tray at a time, but it can continue to be stacked higher.  The bottom one will catch any water that drains. The middle one has little holes in the bottom to drain the seeds. And the top one blocks any light from getting to the seeds. You can also turn the top one to restrict air flow.

 Here are the three stacked together with the tray in between.

The first ones I did were broccoli seeds. On the first day after soaking overnight, there were already a few with little tails.
After letting them soak in water overnight, I rinsed and drained them 3 times a day.

Day 2

Day 3

I suppose most people would have let them grow some more, but we were too excited to try them. We went ahead and ate them at the end of day three. We sprinkled them on our pasta and on the lettuce and tomato salad we had for supper.

What a tasteful and nutritious topping!

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