October 27, 2012

Prefold Cloth Diapers From Old T-shirts

I've been looking for ways to make my own cloth diapers and I found this video on youtube.

My husband had given me some of his old T-shirts I was thinking of using for rags so I decided to try it.

The first couple I made according the video but also sewed along the edges of the top on bottom so there wasn't a pocket down the thick part of the diaper. Later I decided to add a third layer to it (3 layers on the sides and 9 in the middle) and then I didn't sew the pocket closed- too many layers for my machine. I found the proper dimensions online for prefolds if you use them with for the actual diaper. (I use them as inserts in a shell.)

Premie       4-10 lbs.       9.5"x13"
Infant         7-15 lbs.       12"x16"
Regular     15-30 lbs.     14.5"x22"
Toddler     30-45 lbs.     17.5"x23"

These 3 I made in the infant size adding an extra layer so they were 3 layers on the sides and 9 down the middle. I layed all three layers out (the t-shirt and an extra layer) and measured a rectangle on it 16" x 22". I then pinned it and sewed on all four sides on the rectangle lines leaving a 4" opening. I cut off the excess material leaving about 1/2" seam allowance. I turned it inside out and sewed the opening closed. Then as the video shows, I folded in the middle so it overlapped all three layers 3 times and sewed along the edge of the fold. Fairly simple and much less expensive than buying the inserts.

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