October 13, 2012

Baby Changing Mat

I've been in need of a travel change pad for a while now. I had a couple when my son was new, but they disappeared a while back. I had to change my son in a hospital bathroom once and there was not even a change table to do it on so I ended up changing him on the floor. I laid paper towels from the paper towel dispenser so at least his bare bottom did not have to touch the floor. Poor guy. And now since my next is on the way, I really feel that I should have one in the diaper bag. And now I've finally made one.

The change mats I had before were some kind of vinyl which I'm not so keen on using especially with babies. (See Baby Safety Guide for more information about phthalates in vinyl) Besides which, when the baby pees on it, the pee runs across it sometimes soaking the baby. So I wanted something that would soak the pee up instead. And of course, it had to be washable. 

I made this one with organic cotton batting in the middle and regular cotton fabrics on the outside. I thought about quilting the batting to the fabric, but decided against the extra work. :) I ran the blue fabric across the back and binded it around the front on the sewing machine. I think it turned out well. It came out to about 27" x 17".

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