September 10, 2019

Teacher's Planner

I wanted to share this Teacher's Planner that my husband surprised me with this year. I am loving it! 

Each section starts out with a calendar of the month that you can fill in with appointments and such.

Then there are five weeks worth of planning pages. There are seven slots for subjects. I could wish there were more, but actually I just divide up a couple of the slots into two with a ruler and I'm set to go. 

After the lesson planning pages, there are some 3 pages for To Do Lists, 3 pages for Notes, and 2 pages lined titled Staff Meetings. I haven't made a lot of use of those pages, but I'm sure I could come up with things to put there: meal plans, supplies to buy, books to get, things to print, errands to run, lesson ideas and more. The To Do List section even has a spot to check off the things done and I love checking things off. 

I don't know if they sell this anywhere else, but we got it at Staples. It is so nice to have the lesson plans all laid out in boxes for me to just fill in. Love it!

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