September 12, 2019

Applesauce and Apple Pie

A friend of mine gave me a bucket of apples. They were beautiful rosy little apples. It was time consuming to cut and core them all because they were so small, but it was so worth it.

I successfully made three bags of applesauce and a pie with two thirds of the bucket and finished off the rest of the bucket with two more bags of applesauce and another pie two days later.

I learned a few things about making applesauce when I was researching to make my own.

Leave the peel on. I am so glad I did because the beautiful rosy colour in the skin coloured all of my applesauce with that nice pink colour. It would have been lost if I'd peeled them since the flesh was white. Plus, it saved me a lot of time and I wouldn't have had much apple left since they were so small. 

Leave the seeds out. Apparently it's still good to core them because the seeds can give the sauce a bitter flavour. That makes sense to me, so I did core them. But I've had people tell me they've done it both ways and couldn't taste a difference.

I have an awesome Vitamix that I blended up the cooked apple slices in and it blended up all those skins so fine you'd never guess I'd left them on. I recommend freezing them flat in ziplock bags for quick thawing later. I left a frozen bag on the counter overnight and we had it with our breakfast. So yummy! Happy applesauce making!

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