March 17, 2013

Flip Cloth Diaper Review

Flip diapers are my favourite. I get the one-size cover with velcro closures. The ones below are the colours I have. The left 3 are brand new and the right 3 are a year and a half old. I did replace the velcro on them after a year, and otherwise they still work great.

The Flip covers have no extra layer on the inside so you can keep using the shell without having to wash it every time even if the pee leaks through the insert. The insert folds right into the pocket, so you can use any kind of insert you like. And if you're in a pinch, you could even fold a receiving blanket or t-shirt in there.

The inserts above and below are the Flip brand inserts. The ones above are the ones I like. They are organic cotton. You can fold them one way when the cover is set to the small setting and the other way for the larger setting.

The ones below are the stay dry insert. They have microfiber inside with a layer on top that feels dry even if it is wet. I got some of these to try them. But both my boys always complained when they were wet even in these and these didn't seem to hold as much pee. So I wouldn't buy any more of them. They can work well as a booster on top of an organic cotton insert for overnight.

Above is a regular prefold diaper. I believe they are Kushies brand. These can work fine as an insert in the Flip covers. You just have to fold down one end so they aren't so long. (The cover fits about a 15" long prefold and the Kushies in the picture are 18".)

Below, are prefolds I made out of t-shirts. Previously, I posted about making prefolds from t-shirts and I use them for inserts in the Flip covers. On a side note, t-shirt fabric is not a very nice fabric to use with pins if you are pinning them on the old fashioned way. It's fairly difficult to get the pins through it.

The last time I bought some Flip covers, instead of buying the organic cotton inserts, I got just regular unbleached Indian prefolds and used them for inserts. They are absorbent and fit well. I bought the ones that were 15" long. One reason I bought the unbleached Indian prefolds is because they were cheaper than getting the organic cotton inserts even when packaged with the covers. Another reason is because I can use them with pins if I have another newborn until the umbilical cord falls off and the belly button dries. The other cloth diapers would cover the belly button.

If you have fitted diapers that aren't waterproof or you want to pin (or Snappi, or Boingo) on your prefold diaper, you could also just put the Flip diaper cover on overtop for a waterproof cover.


  1. He is adorable! We LOVE flip diapers at my house- I get the one size as well and they work like a charm=)

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