May 1, 2013


We love to buy Schleich toys for our son. They are made by a German company and are hand crafted and hand painted. The detail and likeness to real life animals is incredible.

When we were first looking into these toys we weren't too sure about them because many toys are made with plastics that have toxic softeners in them. We wrote to the company to ask them what they use to make their toys out of.

We received a personal letter from them which addressed all of our concerns and even gave us more explanation of exactly what it is in plastics that can make them toxic and how they avoid using those in their products.

We were very pleased with their response and the way the toys are made. And since then have begun a small collection of their toys which I'm sure with time we will add to.


  1. Those are adorable! I love lifelike stuff. That, or totally plain stuff (insert wish for Waldorf doll here...). And non-toxic is even better! Are they expensive?

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  3. I love schleich animals :-)