February 7, 2014

Ninja Master Prep Blender Review

This is my ninja blender.

It was a great blender and could handle pretty much anything. I used it for anything from blending soups into cream soups, making baby food, even to grinding coffee beans and blending grated soap into a fine powder.
Most of all, I use it for making smoothies and in the summer months I really use it a lot. I switched from using all fruit (with a milk or juice base) to using half fruit and half ice (with a milk or juice base) to keep more hydrated. 
It has always been able to handle anything I've thrown at it and can make a thicker smoothie than most other blenders that I've seen making smoothies.

 This blender seems to be unique in that the motor is at the top of blender instead of at the bottom. I've enjoyed this feature because unlike most food processors I don't have to worry about any juice leaking out of the bottom if I fill it too full. And after I've blended something, the blade can come right out and I can use the pitcher to pour out the puree.

I thought that this was a positive feature. You can see the small snowflake shape fits the blade to the motor just perfectly. I went to make a smoothie a while back and the snowflake fitting on the blade twisted right off. I can see how that would be weak spot. I guess the motor is too strong for the plastic.

In conclusion, I still think this blender is really great. It can handle all the frozen fruit and ice really great. And since I'm really bad for overfilling my food processer, I like it that this one would be difficult to overflow- I've never had it overflow. (Maybe the overfilling is why it broke...) The blades are super sharp and easy to clean. I usually just rinse it off in hot water immediately after using. And it stores really nice; it's not too tall for the cupboard when I store the motor and the pitcher next to each other. 

I've since replaced the blade and continue to use it regularly.

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