December 18, 2021


I was so happy with how these cookies turned out. I’ve been wanting to make piped butter cookies for a while now. I love how they all turn out in with these beautiful designs depending on how they are piped. Then I melted chocolate chips and dipped them. I followed the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction for her Homemade Butter Cookies. They turned out beautifully. 

I also had a hankering for a cookie my mom used to make growing up and went looking for the recipe for these Dutch Spice Cookies. These cookies actually have a few names, others being Dutch Windmill Cookies or Speculaas. I followed the recipe I found on Curious Cuisiniere for Dutch Speculaas Cookies. I remember my mom chilling the dough that had been rolled into a log and wrapped in ceran wrap and then slicing up the log into circles for the round cookies. That is way easier than rolling it out and cutting out shapes and plus it was almost midnight when I was doing this so I wasn’t too eager to spend extra time rolling and cutting dough. Maybe next time, but for now this was super easy and they turned out really nice. Yum!

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