May 1, 2015

The"Terrible Twos" and Removing Permanent Marker

My 2 year old took permanent marker to the screen of our laptop and the top of our desk. 

I was surprised that it wiped right off the screen. But it didn't want to come off the desk. After looking up some ideas on the internet, I tried using baking soda and toothpaste. Don't ask me how it gets it off, but it worked. After quite a bit of scrubbing with a damp cloth, all the permanent marker came off our desk with no adverse effects. And on the positive side, smelling minty fresh!

This is my second time with a 2 year old and I now know why they call them the "terrible twos"! I really don't think they are that terrible (Although to a sleep deprived and pregnant mama, things can seem a lot worse in the moment than they actually are and keeping from getting angry can be really hard. I heard the Duggars say they never considered themselves to be angry people until they had kids! Isn't that true! see "The Duggars on Parental Guidance"). Yes, waking up to find stickers all over the floor is not so fun. Or lentils. When my oldest was 2, he got into the cupboard and dumped oil all over the floor and I woke up to find my 2 year old and 1 year old slipping and sliding to their hearts delights all across the kitchen floor! But it is not usually malicious intent on their part, just an unbridled curiosity about everything! 

I guess, the other part of the "terrible twos" is the temper tantrums and willful stubbornness. And that's up to parenting to set right. They are learning what they want and testing the boundaries to see how they can get it. If the temper tantrum works, they they are going to keep trying it! Here's a reminder to all of you with 2 year olds and myself included to be consistent! Don't give in to the whining and temper tantrums! They need to learn to ask nicely and accept it when they receive Vitamin N (Vitamin N is a "no" for an answer). (I do try to reward good asking with a positive answer, but there's lots of times when I have to say no and it is good for them to learn to accept that.)

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