May 12, 2015

Anemia (Iron Deficiency) in Pregnancy

I found out today that I am iron deficient! I'm actually relieved to know that with the start of some supplements, I'll probably be less exhausted and irritable. Did you know those are symptoms of iron deficiency? 

Apparently, it is common for a person to develop anemia during pregnancy. The baby is, of course, taking his share of iron. Plus, the blood in a woman's body increases in pregnancy to "almost 50 percent more than usual." (source) Sometimes, the iron nutrients in her diet just can't keep up with that. Besides that, having 2 or more pregnancies close together can make it more likely. (This will be my fourth baby in a row.) That all makes me a very likely candidate. 

I also developed anemia when I was pregnant with my third. Hopefully with the start of some iron supplements, I'll get a good portion of my energy back and be a much happier person to be around. :)

One other thing I learned is that calcium hinders iron absorption while Vitamin C supports it. So I'll be avoiding drinking milk with my supplement and maybe go for a fruit smoothie instead. 

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