May 17, 2015

Baby #4: 30 Weeks Pregnant

Only 10 weeks left to go! My kids are very excited for the baby to come out. They ask to see him and give him a kiss. Ultrasound says it's another boy so we'll have 4 boys!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm getting varicose veins and spider veins this time around. I've been very blessed not to have had them much until now. I happen to have some pregnancy compression hose that someone passed on to me. I hadn't felt the need to be wearing them, but I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to start now. Is there anything you can take while pregnant to strengthen veins? I heard of stone root (aka collinsonia root), but one professional says it constricts the veins so it's not a good idea while pregnant since you don't want to be inhibiting nutrition getting to the baby.

Other than that I've been feeling pretty good. Actually with having started iron supplements for my pregnancy anemia, I'm having a lot more energy than before. 

It's going to be a hot summer! Not necessarily because it's that hot outside, but I am starting to feel hot all the time just with the heat of the baby. Actually we had hail, snow and ice a week ago that all melted with a few days of nice weather. And we again had snow last night though none of it stuck with a -7 'C temperature this morning. Spring may be here, but the trees are still bare of leaves and the grass is still yellow with no flowers out. I saw leaf buds on the trees a couple days ago though so hopefully it won't be long now for spring to arrive to us. 

My kids are all fighting colds and I'm hoping I don't catch it. And I'm also potty training my 2 year old which is going very well. We had an accident free day yesterday although we did have an accident already this morning. But I'm very pleased at how well he's coming along with that.

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