April 7, 2015

Avoid Brown Smoothies When Adding Greens

Of course you know that if you mix two of the primary colours together, you get the complimentary colours. But what if you mix all three primary colours together? You get brown!

I like to add spinach to my smoothies sometimes and I've started getting some brown smoothie results, which still tastes great, but doesn't look so great. And I finally figured out why! The blue and yellow in the green spinach mixed with the red in the strawberries (or raspberries) is making it brown.

I didn't used to have this problem with my Ninja. It didn't blend the spinach into small enough pieces to permeate the drink with the green colour. I just had little flakes of green in the smoothie and the rest was red. But since replacing the Ninja with a Vitamix, I've been getting brown results. The Vitamix really purees the smoothies well!

So I'll have to remember when I add spinach (or kale) to either not blend it so well or to not add any red fruit.

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