May 10, 2013

Frozen Sliced Bread

 I know I've done a few posts now about freezing things, but it really does make my life easier if I can make things ahead of time and have it ready. 

I used to try not to buy or make bread too often because it would sometimes start growing mold before we ate it all. But since I started freezing presliced bread, I don't have that problem anymore.

The bread above is actually homemade rye bread in a washed and reused bag. I sliced it up before I put it in the freezer. Now whenever I want toast with jam or soup or whatever, it is ready to go. I just take out a slice or two and pop them in the toaster. This way I always have bread on hand and it doesn't go bad. As long as you don't mind toasting your bread, it works really well. Although you could take however many slices you needed out ahead of time and let them thaw. I once warmed them gently in the oven to thaw them and then made them into French Toast.

As long as you don't thaw and refreeze it multiple times or let the slices mash together in the freezer, the slices come apart fairly easily. Just make sure you cut it into slices before freezing it. (It's hard to cut through a frozen chunk of bread.)

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