January 29, 2022

Homemade Pasta

I’ve been making pasta from scratch more lately. It is so much better than store bought!  My husband bought me a hand crank pasta roller and cutter from Lee Valley. It will cut it into thin spaghetti style pasta or thicker fettuccine style pasta.  

The ingredients are pretty simple: mostly just eggs and flour with a little oil and salt. I’ve been using just simple white all purpose flour but some recipes recommend wheat semolina flour. I happened to see that Wholesale Club has big bags of it last time I was there. If the price is okay, I might try it. 

I’m still working out the right amount of flour to egg. The dough is sometimes too wet and doesn’t cut cleanly or too dry that it’s super difficult to mix. 

This time I served Beef Stroganoff and corn with it. So yummy!

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