July 6, 2019

Mom's Morning Time

Have you ever gotten up before the kids and just enjoyed the stillness of the morning? I really love this time of day. I make myself a coffee and sometimes even take a lawn chair outside. I sit with a big sweater on and a blanket and close my eyes and just listen to the leaves rustle in the trees and the birds rushing around singing and hunting for worms. 

I often bring my reading with me. Something uplifting and helpful. I have a devotional I'm reading through one a day right now and a book about mothering. It helps put me in a positive mood before I have to deal with the children's troubles. 

There are so many days when the first thing I wake up to is the kids screaming and fighting and that almost always puts me in a sour mood before I've even gotten out of bed. I end up storming around the house putting every child in his place and trying to putting everything back in it's place and it just ruins my morning completely. 

But if I can make myself wake up with my alarm, I can actually get a little time to myself before I deal with the day's cares and even my messy kitchen that I probably failed to clean up the night before. 

Thank you God, for another day and another opportunity to live this day for you. 

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