July 18, 2013

Wild Blueberry Country

We live in an area that is known for its wild blueberries and I had been planning to get out to pick some on my friend's property. So when I discovered that the bush just beyond my backyard is full of wild blueberries I was very excited! 

 Now that I know what a blueberry bush looks like, I'm seeing them everywhere here.

 They really are great! But you wouldn't believe how long it takes to pick them. That was at least an hour of picking.

The ones below, I washed, layed out on a cookie sheet and froze. Then I put them in this bag. So here's my stash of frozen blueberries for smoothies.

We did have a baby bear in our backyard about a month ago. You can see it running away and back into the bush here. So I would just be careful.

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